What does UPC stand for?
University Programming Council

What does UPC do?
The University Programming Council is the student organization responsible for bringing some of the biggest events to campus. We are a diverse group of students working to better the campus life at UMass Amherst. We plan and organize many different events in categories such as speakers, performing arts, concerts, late night programming and special events. In addition to planning the events, we also promote and market our events from the ground up. All events and programs produced by UPC are planned for students by students.

Where is the UPC office?
The UPC office is located downstairs the Student Union in the Student Organization Resource Center (SORC) RM 208.

How do I contact UPC?
You can contact UPC by calling the office at (413) 545-0911 or emailing UPC at

How can I join UPC?
You can join UPC by attending our meetings on Tuesday nights at 7:00PM in the SORC, as well as becoming a member on our Campus Pulse page.

What time commitments are required to be in UPC?
To be a UPC General Body Member, all you have to do is attend one meeting and one event! In order to become a General Body Voting Member, you are required to attend 50% of the meetings and 50% of the events each semester.

What are the benefits of becoming a Voting Member?
Members who complete voting membership during the Spring semester receive two free Spring Concert tickets; one for themselves and one for a friend. Voting Members are also allowed to work backstage during Spring Concert if they choose. Members that complete voting membership during the Fall semester get to vote during the Executive Board elections. Once you are a Voting Member, you can apply to be an Event Coordinator.

What is an Event Coordinator?
An Event Coordinator (EC) is responsible for the ongoing functioning and operation of their respective event committee. Each coordinator is responsible for planning and implementing one event per semester. The Event Coordinators are the main users of the UPC event planning process, and work closely with the Executive Board and UPC advisors. Event Coordinators include Speakers, Concerts, Special Events, Late Night, Marketing, Productions, Performing Arts and Social.

How do I apply to be an Event Coordinator?
To be an Event Coordinator you must be a voting member for at least one semester. If you are a voting member, you can apply when applications open at the end of the spring semester or end of the fall semester.

Can I just show up to a meeting?
Yes, UPC loves new members!

How do I find out about upcoming UPC events?
There are several ways to find out about upcoming UPC events. The best way to find out about future UPC events is by visiting our Campus Pulse page and clicking the “Events” tab. You can also check out our Facebook page by searching “UMass University Programming Council” for event updates.

Are UPC events really free of charge?
YES! Besides Spring Concert, all UPC events are FREE for UMass Undergraduate students. For specific ticket information on Spring Concert, Visit for more information.

How does UPC choose the artists for the Spring Concert?
UPC sends out a Spring Concert survey to the student body to see who they would like to perform. The survey consists on two main components: genre and artist suggestions. Once the survey is closed, the UPC Executive Board reviews all the results. From there, the Executive Board looks at all available and affordable artists. Once it is narrowed down to a few artists, the UPC Executive Board chooses artists that will please the UMass community the most. To fill out our survey, check out our Campus Pulse page.


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